How To Build A Career Around Your Passion

How To Build A Career Around Your Passion

So many people hope to make a career out of their passion - entrepreneur and artist Jessica Serran did just that. But, she didn't stop there! Jessica made it her mission to help other artists achieve the same success. Read on to see how Jessica turned what she LOVES into what she DOES:


My name is Jessica Serran. I’m a Visual Artist and the Leader of The Becoming Artist Movement. I currently live in Prague, Czech Republic, grew up on a small farm in Ontario, Canada, studied Fine Art in Detroit, Michigan and got a Masters degree in Transformative Arts in Berkeley, California.

Tell us what you do!

I was the quintessential Starving Artist for most of my life. For years I grappled with how to make art and make money. I knew that I had to find a way to bring these things together and to help other artists do the same. I now run an online coaching business that trains artists in discovering what I call their “Uncharted Creative Calling” so that they can make art, share their creativity and bring healing to the world while making money doing it.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

My journey as an entrepreneur began long before I knew to call myself one. I had just graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and was in a panic over money. Sitting on the front porch of the old industrial loft I lived in, I asked a question that set my entrepreneurial path in motion: “What could I do right now, with the skills that I have, to make some money, TODAY?” That question gave birth to a drawing project that I did for years. People told me their troubles, paid me money and I made a drawing for them in return. It was another six years before I officially started studying business and marketing.

What do you love about the lifestyle?

I love that I get to be creative all the time. I love that I wake up every day knowing that I am doing what I love and empowering artists. I love the infinite potential for growth and the personal development work that has to happen to become successful.

Latest project

I started the Becoming Artist Movement and did a rebrand of my website this winter.


Art is an Act of Becoming.


When we follow our art and listen to the desires of our heart, all manner of transformation happens along the way. We become the greatest versions of ourselves in the process.

Most inspiring person you have ever met so far and why?

I’ve met so many! It’s hard to name just one. I recently met Julek Jurowicz, the founder of a non-profit organization in Brussels called SMartBe. His organization has provided artists with the resources and support they need to have sustainable careers and consistent income for over 20 years. His mission and the impact his organization is having in the lives of tens of thousands of artists all across Europe is truly remarkable.

One piece of advice you would give your younger self:

Trust yourself.

Bravest thing you have ever had to do?

Move to Prague to start an international creative project when I knew no one, was in the middle of a nervous breakdown and had only a pocketful of grant money to support my budding conviction that it was time to become the professional artist I knew I was here to be.

 Jessica Serran is a Visual Artist and the Leader of The Becoming Artist Movement living in Prague, Czech Republic. You can check out what Jessica has been up to via her website, Facebook, and Instagram!




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