My Laptop Lifestyle

Google “laptop lifestyle” and you get a staggering 21,500,000 results. Go ahead and try it! Once considered a temporary craze filled with scams and fly-by-night promises, making a living on your computer is now a firmly established reality, and I love that it’s not going anywhere soon.

Sure there’s plenty of not-so-legit schemes out there on how to quit your job and make money online. I’ll admit, I tried a few. Go there at your own risk. But for me and many other corporate drop-outs (whether as a temporary hiatus or permanent departure), virtual assistance has been the most obvious choice as a transition from the corporate world. I’m still doing much of what I did before in an office, but instead at home on my laptop. And with a whole lot more variety!

Being the kind of person who bores easily, I took to the VA life right away, and enjoy the challenge of keeping on my toes with the continual learning and creativity that’s required to support such a variety of clients. With 12 years’ experience as a clerk, receptionist, and administrative or executive assistant supporting multiple directors and VP’s at satellite offices in far-flung locations, transitioning my skills to virtual assistance was like standing up from one chair and sitting down in another. Done.

For me, working from home still means showing up professionally, and no, I do not work in my housecoat or pajamas. I keep a morning routine just like I used to with getting up early and preparing for the day ahead so I’m sharp, fully dressed, and efficiently organized for the days’ priorities.

What virtual assistance has also given me is the opportunity to weave other interests into my day. For instance, right now I mix things up a bit with casual work as a massage practitioner, which I’ve done on the side as a rewarding hobby business for many years. It also affords me the flexibility to help with my husband’s business and be a contributing member on his team as well. This to me is the recipe for fulfillment in my working life at this time.

Work aside, I’m in the middle of a book right now that’s casting a spell on my consciousness. After a reading dry spell, I’m now fully immersed into what is hands down my favorite book for a long time. I highly recommend “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. It’s a must read for anyone needing an inspirational reminder of the creative force within us all, and is especially helpful for those of us making leaps into an alternative area of work, such as virtual assistance. Enjoy!

What's your favorite read right now? Got any suggestions for other good books? Fire away!

Shari Montgomery

After fifteen years of navigating the corporate world, Shari jumped aboard the growing trend of virtual assistance in 2008. Building on her administrative experience, she carved a more flexible path with her VA work, supporting dynamic entrepreneurs. With niche training in copywriting, social media marketing, proofreading and editing, she has had the privilege of working virtually alongside amazing entrepreneurs, inspiring creatives, and business professionals to get their work out to the world. She is pretty stoked every day to be part of the virtual workforce movement.
Shari Montgomery

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