The Word No One Wants To Hear, And How To Overcome It

The Word No One Wants To Hear, And How To Overcome It

Failure. It’s an ugly word, and nobody wants to talk about it. There it is hiding around every corner. I started my virtual assistant business, and immediately, failure was one of my thoughts. I know I am not alone, because as I scroll down the posts of fellow virtual assistants online, I see post after post echoing this to me.

In the midst of courses that promise my success, it’s hard not to think, “Those people have great skills and experience. I’m just a stay at mom who wants a second income. I haven’t gotten an amazing resume or testimonials. I’m just me. I wouldn’t want to hire me with so many other better choices out there!”

It seemed failure was stamped all over my attempts at being virtual assistant. I’ve had many days where I tried something, and it didn’t work out. I thought, "There it is… failure."

This is the importance of having a friend. I was in desperate need of a person to tell me I was not going to fail. I had enrolled in Gina Horkey’s 30 days or less to VA Success. I was off to a less than stellar start, and I was feeling failure start to cloud the skies above my head. I private messaged her about my thoughts, my lack of prospecting success, and my thoughts of failure and inadequacy.
She messaged me back and told me to stop it. She said that I was worthwhile. She gave me some direction. I just needed someone to tell me that. It is amazing what you can do when someone believes in you. Gina, thank you so much for that encouragement.

I prayed for direction and endurance, while I foraged ahead with new found courage and determination. Amazingly, a short time later, I received my first client. As I reflect back on this event, I noticed two things:

  • One, I focused way too much on my inadequacy. I didn’t have much, but I did have a brain to think, hands to type, and a heart to help. Not everyone does.
  • Two, I noticed what a life changing difference it makes to have a positive influence. Don’t go it alone. Have a friend who will help carry your burdens. Share with them your struggles. I might make all the difference. If you don’t have one, find me on social media, and I will be your cheerleader. Just get one.

As I thought of writing this article on failure, a video of this woman filming a caterpillar came across my feed. As I sat and watched, this caterpillar begins to do something I watched with grotesque curiosity. It started to shed its skin and wiggle its chrysalis out. It really was a sight. It is always fun to watch a chrysalis brake open, and a butterfly come out. As I was reflecting on this, it reminded me a lot of my VA Journey. I started and had struggles and setbacks. I would have to keep working and trying new things. As I struggled and leaned on friends, I began to shed those negative thoughts and fear of failure. You have to shake it completely off.

Another lesson I learned was that my VA business did not become a beautiful soaring enterprise right away. It takes time to develop. It has a chrysalis of its own. Although you cannot see the finished product, I know it will become beautiful, because like a caterpillar, through hard work and perseverance, my business will be transformed.

Just because you don’t see it now, doesn’t mean the future doesn’t hold success. Just keep persevering. When you are tempted to give up, just remember the struggle the caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. You are not a failure!

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Marciana Gillispie

Marciana Gillispie is the owner of GillispieConsulting. She is the proud wife of preacher and Mom to three blessings of God. She loves helping people succeed, which is one of the passions that fuels her business.
Marciana Gillispie

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