3 Great Tools For Planning and Organizing Travel

3 Great Tools For Planning and Organizing Travel

The holiday travel season is upon us! And for virtual assistants, this can mean a lot of trip planning for your clients. Booking flights, hotels, trains, keeping track of confirmation and itinerary numbers - it can all become a bit much! But don't fear - there are a ton of amazing (and free!) tools online that will help you organize, plan, and create itineraries for your client's busy travel calendar. We explored a few for this week's tools post:

TravelPerk - One of the main reasons we love TravelPerk is because it was intuitively built for those who book travel for other people - a virtual assistant's dream! TravelPerk is an all-in-one travel tool that allows planning, booking and coordinating the trip for your client, or their entire team. You can book, send itineraries, create invoices and reports and save information on everyone's flights and accommodation, and also their travel documents, dietary restrictions, frequent flyer programs etc. Plus you will have access to the world´s largest itinerary: TravelPerk is integrated with Booking.com, Expedia and Skyscanner offering the best prices. We could go on and on about the wonderful things this platform includes, but we'll let you check it out for yourself at TravelPerk.com. We will give away one hint - the best part - It's 100% free!

Tripit Tripit will become your new best friend for planning travel! One of our favorite features is Tripit's automatic input feature, which pulls confirmation and travel emails from your email inbox and organizes all the details in one nice, easy to read itinerary. If you don't want the automatic input feature, (say plans are going to a client inbox and not your own) you can simply send the details to plans@tripit.com and they will add it to your account. Tripit also allows you to forward your travel plans to friends and family and view how many miles you've traveled over the past year. Have a client who's a world traveler? You can upgrade to Tripit Pro for $49 a year which allows you access to keep track of all your frequent flyer accounts in one place!

Tripping- Wish you could Trip plan like a local? Enter Tripping. If you're client is looking for a good steak, a great wine bar, or the best local cheesecake - you can help with that via Tripping. Tripping works like a social network, where locals can post about the best places to eat, sleep or drink in their area. It also helps travelers find friends in new places by setting up meetups and even home stays like couch surfer or Airbnb. According to Tripping, the site aggregates and offers the widest selection of local home rentals on the planet. Tripping might be a great option if you're trip planning for the more free-spirited entrepreneur.

What are your favorite travel planning or booking tools? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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