Perseverance Usually Results in the Opportunity to Achieve Or Learn

Perseverance Usually Results in the Opportunity to Achieve Or Learn

We love that Anthony Kirby's message flows right within the lines of our own: Create a business that fits around your life, not the other way around. Anthony has dedicated his career to this principle, and is on a mission to help every entrepreneur and small business owner truly live it out. Read Anthony's incredibly inspiring story below, and heed his advice for "Life Before Business."

Hello! Tell us what you do!

I’m Anthony Kirby and I moved to Australia from the UK when I was 20 years old after the death of my father. His death deeply moved me and shaped every single facet of my being because I understood at every level that we need to ensure we build our businesses to suit the life we want to remember – and not get sucked in to the vortex of ‘doing’ in the business (which is around 95% of current small business owners).  

Tell us a little bit about you, and your business!

I am married with 2 kids, live in beautiful Brisbane and I teach people how to build a business to suit their life – not a life to suit their business (as most people do!). Our business is all about raw, honest and authentic rapport between ourselves and those we teach – there’s no sugar coating, BS or filler; that takes too much time and we are all about results for those we choose to teach.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

I literally jumped off the proverbial entrepreneurial cliff and walked away from my professional management role (with $275,000 income and expenses to match!). I started with no clear business plan BUT with a clear vision that I didn’t want to see business owners getting to the point of frustration where they just want to give it all away so they can ‘get their life back’.

What do you love about the lifestyle?

The opportunity to wake up and spend time with my children every day, impacting other business owners so they get to do the same and knowing that I’m making a difference by inspiring and educating people to be, do and have more in life every day. I couldn’t do that in my previous employment.

Latest Project?

Launching business bootcamp for small business owners who are stuck in the vortex and cant move forward, and for the more established small business owner – the Business Success mastermind group of like minded individuals to support you on the growth journey.


Life Before Business.


Because too often we forget that the business gives us the opportunity to live a full life – and we mistake it with living a stressed and busy life to achieve fullness in business.

Most inspiring person you have ever met so far and why?

My little boy – he is 19 months old and he shows me that everything should be attempted at least once and that perseverance usually results in the opportunity to achieve or learn something every single time.

One piece of advice you would give your younger self

There are always two taxes to pay if you want to achieve true success. The first tax is sacrifice – you’ll have to give up on some things for the betterment of other things. The second tax is setbacks – you’ll need to learn to live with them as the only way to get ahead is to go before you’re ready and learn from the feedback you get along the way.

What's the bravest thing you ever had to do?

Hold my father's hand as he took his last breath.


Anthony Kirby navigated his escape from the corporate rat race and built a successful coaching and training business from scratch with zero plan and zero client base, to generating over $360k in our first 12 months. Now, he's dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs do the same. Learn more about Anthony via his website, or follow him on Facebook!

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