Whole Earth Mama

Whole Earth Mama

Client Name:

Dayna Colvin

Email Address:


Company Name:

Whole Earth Mama

Description of work to be done:

I'm not sure if I'm wording the terms correctly, but my WordPress blog, Whole Earth Mama, needs a little technical tweaking, also perhaps a gentle critique, an overall review of the presentation to make sure I'm on the right track with my mission. I also need to know if my blog is missing something to attract more traffic and quality authentic interested subscribers and clients readers. I also want to make sure my SEO is good. I've learned a lot in my 20 years of blogging and I've streamlined and improved a lot. I also need to know if any other widgets or plug-ins or tweaks or html codes are needed anywhere.

Duration of work:

Short term

Software VA should be familiar with:

To the best of my knowledge, the VA just needs to know and be savvy with WordPress.

Estimated monthly commitment in hours:


Requested start date:

June 16, 2020

Hourly Budgeted Rate:

I can only afford to barter + offer deferred % of sales of my eco holistic self-care products when sales come in.

Any additional info:

I prefer to work with someone who is vegetarian or vegan or on their way there and is a nonsmoker and is holistic and healthy and herbal. It's important to me to work a kind talented Soul with whom we resonate with each other.

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