LN Accounting Advisor LLC

LN Accounting Advisor LLC

Client Name:

Lahari Neelapareddy

Email Address:


Company Name:

LN Accounting Advisor LLC

Description of work to be done:

Hi - I need my VA to help with some admin accounting tasks for my clients (I own a CPA firm) as well as help with some marketing tasks for me. Help with doing 100 LinkedIn connections a day, calling or emailing vendors on behalf of clients to get them set up on Bill.com (payment platform), setting up meetings, helping create engagement letters based on template given, etc.

Duration of work:


Software VA should be familiar with:

It would be ideal if my VA knew how to use Slack, LinkedIn and QBO. Bill.com is a plus if they know how to use it.

Estimated monthly commitment in hours:


Requested start date:

June 18, 2019

Hourly Budgeted Rate:


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