Claudia Soul

Claudia Soul

Company Name:

Claudia Soul

Email Address:

Description of work to be done:

Social media platforms, researching content for posts, blogs and articles and moving from a strategy to achieve results. It would also involve putting together short videos using an app for both brands. I have 2 businesses, one is a physical product and the other my personal brand as a relationship expert and author, so the VA would do both.

Duration of work:


Software VA should be familiar with:

Wix website and shopify. Using buffer or hoot suite. Very familiar with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The ability to use video making apps to construct short videos and messages for YouTube and social media. The candidate must understand there is a strategy. With my personal brand is the visibility and establishment as an expert in the niche.

Estimated monthly commitment in hours:


Requested start date:

July 2, 2018

Hourly Budgeted Rate:

$8 per hour

Any additional info:

I’ve tried this before and encountered spelling errors, poor grammar, and language over and above the fact the person didn’t understand strategy, consistency despite it being explained. Also, I do this myself and I am well aware of the time investment. If I had particular projects for the websites, I would set this as a separate payable project. This would be social media and marketing, videos, blogging. If the candidate is good, they will grow with my business. It must be a consistent person who I can Skype with once a month so we are on the same page.

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