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Be sure to thoroughly research companies before applying. Collaborate with clients on your own terms.

Whole Earth Mama

Whole Earth Mama is looking for website assistance, including an overall review of the site’s presentation and content, SEO tips, and suggestions on widgets or plug-ins that might improve the site. More Info

Professional Success Coaching

Professional Success Coaching is looking for a VA to help with populating templates that will be used to launch an online course. More Info

Turnbull Law Firm

Turnbull Law Firm seeks help with minor video, photo, and graphic editing as well as other administrative marketing tasks. More Info

Mystic Living

Mystic Living is seeking help with updating their website, creating simple graphics for events, assisting with online courses, and basic project management/organization. More Info

Savvy Tech VA

Savvy Tech VA is looking for a virtual assistant to support a fast-paced coaching client. More Info

Urgent Care Mentor

Urgent Care Mentor seeks an Intercom expert for strategy and implementation of Intercom on their 3 websites. More Info


The BIG Lifestyle seeks help setting up autorespond emails and with app integration on Slack. More Info


NAILBA seeks a VA to assist the CEO with writing (emails, letters, invites), scheduling (via email and phone), meeting prep (agenda creation and rsvps), recording meeting minutes, newsletters (contact contact), etc. More Info

Covert Customs LLC

Covert Customs is seeking an assistant to help with bookkeeping as well as maintaining the business’s social media, email, and website. More Info

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