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Visionary Access Inc.

Visionary Access is seeking a researcher with experience in online research and social media. More Info

Professional Success Coaching

Professional Success Coaching is looking for a VA to help with populating templates that will be used to launch an online course. More Info

Mystic Living

Mystic Living is seeking help with updating their website, creating simple graphics for events, assisting with online courses, and basic project management/organization. More Info

American Academy of Etiquette

American Academy of Etiquette is seeking someone who can create a train-the-trainer guidebook in Canva. More Info

Bayer & Black, PC

Bayer & Black seeks assistance with creating short videos on law topics. More Info

Past Life Tour Guides

Past Life Tour Guides is looking for someone who is experienced in podcasting, including selecting the best podcast service, audio production, guest management, and more. More Info


NAILBA seeks a VA to assist the CEO with writing (emails, letters, invites), scheduling (via email and phone), meeting prep (agenda creation and rsvps), recording meeting minutes, newsletters (contact contact), etc. More Info

Click Tie

Click Tie, a website design and marketing studio, is looking for a detail oriented and organized person to manage multiple projects.

More Info

Project Assistant, Faces & Voices of Recovery

Faces & Voices of Recovery is seeking a project assistant to work remotely in support of their mission to advocate for those in recovery and their families. More Info

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