Job Board

Be sure to thoroughly research companies before applying. Collaborate with clients on your own terms.

Red Road Leadership Consulting

Red Road Leadership Consulting needs assistance with a one-time Powerpoint presentation. More Info

Turnbull Law Firm

Turnbull Law Firm seeks help with minor video, photo, and graphic editing as well as other administrative marketing tasks. More Info

Urgent Care Mentor

Urgent Care Mentor is seeking assistance with creating heat maps of existing businesses. More Info

Bayer & Black, PC

Bayer & Black seeks assistance with creating short videos on law topics. More Info

Past Life Tour Guides

Past Life Tour Guides is looking for someone who is experienced in podcasting, including selecting the best podcast service, audio production, guest management, and more. More Info


xMedica is seeking someone to help run a series of live webinars using the Zoom webinar platform. More Info

The 40/40 Vision Project

The 40/40 Vision Project seeks a Squarespace expert to improve an existing website and create/manage frequent multimedia posts. More Info

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