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Kopf Consulting

Client Name: LaKenya Kopf Email Address: Company Name: Kopf Consulting Description of work to be done: We are recruiting for a Virtual Implementor: As a Virtual Implementor, you will… More Info

Red Road Leadership Consulting

Red Road Leadership Consulting needs assistance with a one-time Powerpoint presentation. More Info

Visionary Access Inc.

Visionary Access is seeking a researcher with experience in online research and social media. More Info

Visionary Access Inc.

Visionary Access is seeking a marketing automation/Salesforce manager to manage constructing and team execution of Salesforce CRM based campaigns. More Info

Whole Earth Mama

Whole Earth Mama is looking for website assistance, including an overall review of the site’s presentation and content, SEO tips, and suggestions on widgets or plug-ins that might improve the site. More Info is seeking assistance with Facebook advertising and online event marketing. More Info

Turnbull Law Firm

Turnbull Law Firm seeks help with minor video, photo, and graphic editing as well as other administrative marketing tasks. More Info

Mystic Living

Mystic Living is seeking help with updating their website, creating simple graphics for events, assisting with online courses, and basic project management/organization. More Info

American Academy of Etiquette

American Academy of Etiquette is seeking someone who can create a train-the-trainer guidebook in Canva. More Info

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