I’m The Machine, and My Virtual Assistant is the Electricity

I’m The Machine, and My Virtual Assistant is the Electricity

When Cerries Mooney hired her virtual assistant, Erin, she wasn't really even looking for anyone. Oddly enough, it was a picture of a Erin's refrigerator on a staffing website that caught the Brand Identity Designer's attention. (More on that interesting story here!) But Erin and Cerries totally clicked, and she knew she would be a perfect fit to fill her "Chief Joyologist" role!

A virtual assistant can be so much more than someone to handle your tasks. They can be your sounding board, an extension of your brand, a friend! Read more on why Cerries believes her business just wouldn't be the same without Erin. And if you want to find your own perfect virtual assistant, start your search here!

What inspired you to start working with a virtual assistant?

I truly didn’t want a VA when I hired Erin. I knew someday in the future I would need one, but at the time I was just daydreaming about being able to afford one. I decided to do a little vision boarding, and during that process I scanned the Internet for VA posts to get an idea of who was out there. When I saw Erin’s post, I immediately connected with her. I loved her spirit and sarcasm; I knew she would fill the holes in the business I simply don’t fill. So, in short, she inspired me to start working with a virtual assistant.

Tell us a little about what you have delegated and how you work together?

Erin and I are constantly on Skype. Neither of us have normal schedules AND we’re on opposite sides of the pond, so we touch base as many times as day as possible. Being as I use archetypes to help people brand and grow their businesses, knowing her archetypes (Jester/Alchemist) helped me to KNOW exactly how to use her so she would be most useful to the company. She loves interacting with our clients, she loves offering her opinions and two cents in our FB group to keep the energy flowing, and she also loves problem-solving. I, on the other hand, love to create meaningful material for our clients. Essentially we’ve decided I’m the machine and she’s the electricity.

How has working with a virtual assistant supported your business, and you personally?

There’s no way I could do it without her. The amount of emails I receive, the number of Facbeook posts that require attention…some days it takes her simply pinning me down and reading things out loud to me to get my responses. I’ve taught her a lot about business and how I like to deal with people, and she’s listened. She uses my methods and adds her own twist to things, which keeps things flowing SO smoothly. Personally, she’s become a friend. On the days I don’t think I can do this anymore, she is always the person with the pep talk, or with the bull whip!

Did you experience any challenges? How did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge is communication. We’ve tried many times to set schedule for our meetings, but our time zones and families often supersede our plans. We both decided that we are going to have to go with the flow and talk anytime we can, and most of the time it all works out.

What advice would you give to aspiring virtual assistants looking for new clients?

Know exactly who you are and what you are BEST at offering before you seek out clients. Just because someone can pay you to do something doesn’t mean you’ll be happy. You need a client who wants to use your skills AND wants to see you happy. If the relationship is not mutually beneficial, move on!

Want to chat with Cerries about finding your brand identity? Get in touch with her here!

Cerries Mooney is a brand identity designer for solopreneurs, helping them find business clarity and a sense of authenticity. You can learn more about Cerries by visiting her website, or following her Facebook page!

You can also reach her Chief Joyologist, Erin Salem.

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