Free Skills Class of the Week: Salesforce Training

Free Skills Class of the Week: Salesforce Training

Trailhead - Salesforce Training 

Salesforce is an extremely popular CRM (customer relationship management) tool amongst businesses, both large and small. Odds are, if you've helped clients with prospecting or sales, you've probably heard of, if not used the tool in some capacity. However, it does take training to really take full advantage of all the features Salesforce has to offer, and that's where this free course comes in!

Why Should You Enroll?

Being advanced in Salesforce can be a very attractive skill for potential clients. It might also work to your benefit if you use a CRM to manage your prospective clients and sales processes. This course makes it easy to pick up learning at your current skill level within the platform, and advancing from there!

What's Included?

This course has over 171 modules! However, you don't necessarily have to take them all. If you already have some experience in the tool, pick and choose from modules that highlight features you don't know or want to learn more about. If you've never used Salesforce, there's an intro to the basics that can get you started, and you can work your way into learning other features over time!

Is There Any Certification?

Yes, as you complete assessments, you'll be able to earn what's called "superbadges" to showcase your skills on your website or social media pages!

Let us know what you think about the class in the comments below! We'd love to hear what your experience was with the course. 

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