5 Useful (And Free) Tools To Help You Step Up Your Twitter Game

5 Useful (And Free) Tools To Help You Step Up Your Twitter Game

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for helping virtual assistants connect with a community of other VAs, find clients, and build their brand. If you're not yet active in the Twitter-sphere, you may be missing out on a lot of learning, engaging, and possibly potential business. If you are active on Twitter, you should be aware that there are several tools available to you to help make the platform easier to manage, more effective for use, and just provide an overall better user experience. We outlined some of our favorite (free) Twitter tools below that can help you put Twitter to work for you and your business:

Twitonomy: If you're looking for detailed reports on your Twitter activity, Twitonomy is a great place to start. Twitonomy is an amazing tool for delving into your own Twitter analytics, as well as the analytics from other users and hashtags. With this tool, you can monitor your interactions with other Twitter users, browse, search, filter, sort and batch add/remove people to your lists, get lists of the followers you don't follow back, and much, much more. Learn more about Twitonomy here

TweetChatLove following along with Twitter chats? TweetChat makes this easier. TweetChat offers a user interface that allows you to enter "TweetChat rooms" instead of following along with the hashtag in the regular Twitter dashboard, which can get confusing, especially on mobile. TweetChat is free to use, and offers additional features for an upgrade. Find out more here.

Nuzzel: Interested in knowing what your friends are looking at on Twitter? Download Nuzzel. This app allows you to sign in with your Twitter account and see which news stories or topics your friends are most interested in. Use that information to shape the type of content you share and grow your audience. You can also create your own Nuzzel Newsletter and include your own favorite stories with a personal headline and comment. Want to get started with Nuzzel? Click here.

Crowdfire AppCrowdfire App offers a lot of neat ways to organize and optimize your Twitter accounts. Their motto is "Clean, Engage, Grow" and it offers different functionalities for each - like showing you who to unfollow in your accounts, who to follow and interact with and what type of content you should be sharing to grow your audience. It's quite the all-encompassing Twitter app for managing your account. The best news? Crowdfire App offers a lot of it's services for free, or you can upgrade to get others for an additional fee. Check out more info on how it all works here.

TwindrTwindr is channeling the Tinder revolution by making it easy to unfollow accounts you no longer wish to see with a simple "swipe left". So if your feed has gotten a little out of control, let Twindr help you clean it up in a super quick and easy way. As of now, Twindr can only be downloaded via the Apple App Store, you can grab it here.

Did we miss some? What are some of your favorite tools or apps for Twitter? Share them with us in the comments below!

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