5 Tools We Love To Use For a Better Gmail Experience

5 Tools We Love To Use For a Better Gmail Experience

What's not to love about Gmail? It's fast, it's universal, it's easy to use and it has some great features. But did you know that there is a whole world of Gmail integrations out there created to do everything you could ever wish for with this email client? We've put together a small list of some of our favorites, but we encourage you to also do some research on your own if you are looking for a resolution to any of your Gmail issues. Odds are, there's an app for that!

Hiver - We love Hiver as a tool for virtual assistants because of its possibilities for collaboration. We know many VAs often take care of emails for clients, or send them on a client's behalf. Hiver will let you share Gmail labels with others, so even if the email came to you, you can add it to that label so a client can see it or vice versa. Another cool feature of Hiver is the ability to share email templates and notes with others about emails in your inbox (a great feature for VAs who help with support tickets!). Hiver offers a free trial, and subscription plans range from $14–$40 per user per month. Find out more here.

Unroll.me - Get a little subscription happy? No worries, unroll.me can take you off all those pesky email lists. This tool works by scanning your inbox to see what you've opted-into and gives you an easy list that allows you to choose what you'd like to continue seeing and what you'd like the tool to block you from receiving. Unroll.me is free to use, so start purging that inbox and get organized! Get it here.

Boomerang - Ahh, scheduling tools. How we love them. If you're working with clients in different time zones around the world, (ya hear me VAs?) this tool is a must. Boomerang lets you write your emails when it's most convenient for you, and send them when it's most convenient for your recipient (win, win!). It also has a built in reminder feature for responding or following up on emails of your choice, which never hurts. The free version of the software allows you to schedule out 10 messages a month, but the paid version is unlimited. Check it out here.

MXHero - Scared to send a sensitive email because you don't want it to get it in front of the wrong pair of eyes? Enter MXHero. This tool deletes an email from a recipients inbox 5 minutes after it's been read by sending it to an email "cloud". So, if you don't want your note to stay in archives forever or be forwarded to other parties, this tool can do that for you. You can learn more and download MXHero here, it's free for Gmail accounts.

Signals - We really love signal because it takes the fear out of sending a really important email. Did it get lost in Spam? Did they accidentally delete it? All of your questions can be answered by Signals. The technology, developed by marketing giant HubSpot, will alert you when your email has been open and read. You can learn more about it here.

We know there are tons of other great tools out there to integrate with your Gmail account for a better user experience, and this is just a few of our favorites. Let us know what yours are by commenting below!

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