You Learn More By Getting Out There and DOING

You Learn More By Getting Out There and DOING

We've been posting quite a few articles lately about how you can create a healthy, ergonomic workspace. (Like this one, for example.) It's so important, in fact, that entrepreneur Ryan Ebert has made it his life's work! Ryan is a physiotherapist and Co-Founder of PHW group, a company that specializes in promoting productive, healthy workplaces and helping organizations to transform the way they do business. And impressively, Ryan has accomplished all of this at the young age of just 25! Read below on Ryan's tips for entrepreneurial success and achieving your goals.


Hi! Hello, I am a 25 year old, company director, Physiotherapist and Entrepreneur. I live in Melbourne, Australia originally from Sydney/Perth my background is in Physiotherapy and Healthcare. I have a Physiotherapy degree and diplomas of business and management.

Tell us what you do!

Currently, my main role is as CEO of PHW (Productive Healthy Workplaces) Group, a national Occupational Physiotherapy, Workplace Training and Office Design company I co-founded in 2014. We are based in Richmond, Victoria (Australia) and operate Australia wide.

In addition to I am a lecturer at the University of Melbourne in Leadership & Management for the school of Physiotherapy, sit on the board of directors of a large hospitality and Entertainment Company and a financial services company and in 2016 was named in Australia’s top 30 Entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

I got started as an entrepreneur after graduated from University and beginning work in private practice Physiotherapy. I was working and after 6 months of work I thought there has to be a better way to deliver healthcare. The healthcare industry, a very traditional industry felt disconnected with using innovative ways to treat patients. So much of it was based around reactive treatment over proactive preventative interventions.

So, whilst working as a Physiotherapist I met some like-minded people and we began a technology company to deliver better outcomes called Trakatronics. Whilst this company ultimately didn’t take off and failed after 6 months, I’d had a taste of entrepreneurship. From then in June 2013 to now it’s been a rollercoaster ride that has involved co-founding and building PHW Group to what it is today, starting a Podiatry company, investing into other businesses and becoming a director on multi-million dollar companies.

What do you love most about the lifestyle?

Without doubt the autonomy! I am writing this at 0720am on Sunday awaiting a flight to Melbourne from Brisbane. Whilst the hours can be long, the journey extremely challenging and the lifestyle unconventional the best part is it really is YOUR journey and the autonomy you can get from getting past the hardships is the best part of the lifestyle.

As a young Entrepreneur, I have also found the learning an amazing part of the lifestyle. You are always learning on the journey and when others see you having a real go and doing something as challenging as starting a business, I have found many mentors and people in high positions impart so much time and knowledge to help me on the journey.

Latest project

We have just finished building a showcase office using ‘health focused design’ a design concept of ours that creates an office environment-improving people’s health and productivity through increased movement. The concept was recently named in Anthill’s SMART100 Innovations of 2016 so now the project is about getting this product out to market and scale quickly.

In addition I am building a Physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne CBD using design concepts to re-think how we deliver the clinical experience to patients. Using what we are learning in the office design space that enhances health and productivity we are now taking this to the clinic setting as well.


I’m a big fan of one I created: “Learn by doing”


Simply because you learn more by just getting out there and doing then you could from any amount of studying.

Most inspiring person you have ever met so far and why?

Without doubt my mother because of the amazing ability she has to overcome any obstacle and challenge put to her, which has been an inspiration to me.

One piece of advice you would give your younger self

Probably to not stress the small things and take time out for yourself. Building a business and doing work that aligns with your values is important but more important is to treasure the times with those that matter the most to you.

Bravest thing you have ever had to do?

A few weeks ago I was in Macau for work and decided to bungy jump 233m off the worlds tallest bungy jump to prove to myself I could overcome the fear of it.

Ryan Ebert is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and co-founder of PHWgroup in Australia. Keep up with Ryan and what his company is doing by visiting their website.



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