Why Should I Spend Time Business Blogging?

Why Should I Spend Time Business Blogging?

How is that working out for you? Sure, you have set up a blog on your website, and you have written a few posts, but updating it is a bit more work than you had bargained for.

There are just so many other things to do. You have orders to place, suppliers to negotiate with, invoicing, client visits, and the dreaded tax return to name but a few.  Business blogging is a bit like ironing.  It makes you look smarter, but isn’t entirely necessary.

No, business blogging isn’t necessary, but it is important. It has an important place in the arsenal of any online business.

Do you want to expand your client base or be recognised as the go-to source of expertise in your field?

Yes? Read on…

Here are three good reasons:

  1. You will increase your website’s visibility on search engines. This means potential customers searching for your services will be more likely to find you, and find you quickly. Search engines favour well-tended, relevant websites with regularly updated content. You can do this easily with business blogging.
  2. You will look like an expert. No-one knows as much about your business as you. A well-planned business blog will reassure potential clients that you know your stuff.
  3. You will increase your social media currency. You can use social media sharing to showcase your blog and get more visibility.  Which in turn means more exposure, website traffic and hopefully more clients.

Six Brilliant Business Blogging Tips:

Are you convinced yet? If so, here are six tips to help you blog with pride:

  1. Stay constant. Monthly will do. Fortnightly would be better. Weekly would be wonderful. Constancy is the thing that counts. If someone visits your site and sees the last time your business blog was updated was 3 months ago then what? Yes, you’re busy. But perhaps too busy. That is not the message you want to send your customers. Regularity shows you are present in your business and on top of things. It shows you are on top of current trends and in touch with your clients’ needs.
  2. Be flexible. You don’t need to write 1,500 words every time. A photo story would hit the spot, a product review or a report on a recent event would be perfect. But be sure each post in your business blog is relevant to your potential clients and includes enough substance for search engines to index. Your page content is crucial, but also pay attention to the page title, headlines, alt tags (descriptions) on images and metadata.
  3. Get some help. Consider guest blogging with a complementary business, work with a copywriter, have a blogging binge while you watch Breaking Bad: do what you need to do to keep your business blog up to date.
  4. Stay interesting. If you want people to read your business blog, it should be relevant to your target customer base. A review of a new restaurant is good if you work in events, but would be hopeless if you were a landscape gardener. Better for a gardener to create a blog post about pruning tips, or create a review of the top five organic fertilisers. Think about the sort of questions you get asked about your business. What is useful to your target customer? What is interesting to them? Think from your customer’s point of view and you won’t go far wrong.  When in doubt always ask yourself ‘so what’?
  5. Plan it. Make a programme of blog posts and stick to it. Build in time for writing, reviewing and image searching. If you’re posting weekly then don’t feel you need to recreate War and Peace each time; you’ll quickly run out of steam and ideas. But if you are planning a less frequent posting plan, balance out that lack of frequency with meatier articles.
  6. Share it. Why publish brilliant content to then hide it on your website? Plan a sharing plan and make time to execute it. There so many brilliant ways to make sharing your content easy, make them work hard for you. You get double the benefit: more readers, and better search engine indexing. The more your business blog gets shared through trusted sites, the happier the search engines will be to push up your page rank. Perfect!

It is possible that the thought of this fills you with horror. So think about outsourcing. Some Virtual Assistants manage your blog for you in its entirety. They will plan, research and write regular pieces for you for a set fee. If blogging and you just aren’t working out, this could be the answer to your business blogging prayers.

Stay focused and authentic to what you and your business stand for, and you will soon be reaping the benefits of your business blog.

If you need any further help please be sure to drop me a line as my Blog Writing Masterclass may be of use to you.

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