Where Can I Find Clients: Always Be Marketing

Where Can I Find Clients: Always Be Marketing

Finding clients is probably the hardest part about building ANY new business. It doesn’t matter if you just opened up a retail store, a financial planning office or a virtual assistant business. Finding clients or getting customers in your door has to be your number one priority until you have a full client roster. But it doesn’t end there.

Always Be Marketing

Those in my community know that I have two main rules.

  1. Always be learning - and -
  1. Always be marketing.

Both are extremely important, but number two is probably more so. The funny thing is that most people want to spend their time doing number one. Why? It’s easier.

Learning takes time and effort, I get that. But it doesn’t take as much risk. And it’s much less scary. 

Because prospecting or marketing takes putting yourself out there, and that's is scary. And risky. And nerve wracking. But it’s also 100% necessary!

So keep your eyes and ears open and listen for opportunities.

They often sound like this:

  • I’m so busy.
  • I’m overwhelmed.
  • There’s too much to know.
  • I can’t keep up.
  • My family never sees me.
  • Etc.

Your job is spot them and then take action immediately. It’s not enough to sense the opportunity, you also have to offer to help and ask to be hired.

Where to Find Clients

There are lots of places to find clients. In Module 8 (Sourcing VA Clients) of my premium VA course, I talk about seven different methods for sourcing prospects to pitch.

They include:

  1. Your natural market
  2. Social media
  3. Blogging and guest posting
  4. Mine your inbox
  5. In-person networking
  6. Asking for referrals
  7. Job boards and VA service companies

This guest post would end up being a novel if I went into detail on them each, so I thought I’d give you a look at a couple more in-depth.

Your Natural Market

If you’ve already launched your virtual assistant business and HAVEN’T told your natural market (those that know and love you) about your new business, what are you waiting for?

Some people are worried about announcing their newest business before achieving “success” in whatever that definition is to them. But they’re also leaving themselves at a huge disadvantage if they don’t.

Because those closest to you want to see you succeed. They’re waiting to cheer you on if you give them something to cheer for. And it doesn’t have to be a one-sided conversation.

Action step: Call or email the 2-3 friends or family members that are most likely to support your new business. Ask them for coffee or lunch and be prepared to tell them about your new business, how you hope to see it grow and ask their advice. If you already have your service offerings and target market picked out, let them know what types of clients you’re looking to work with. Make sure to also ask what’s going on in their lives and offer a helping hand or a listening ear as needed. Then end the conversation thanking them for their time, asking if they’ll keep you in mind if they encounter someone you can help and pick up the tab!

Mine Your Inbox

Mining my inbox is how I landed my first VA client.

I had that “always be marketing” hat on and noticed that one of the prominent entrepreneurs in my sphere was having trouble getting back to me via email, but it seemed like he really wanted to. I acknowledged as much in our next exchange and asked him to hire me. And he said yes.

Just like that! Crazy, right? (It took a few more emails and a quick phone interview, but it was a pretty quick and simple process.)

Action step: If you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably subscribed to a few newsletters. Use that opportunity to listen for needs from the webpreneurs you follow and if you hear one act on it by hitting replying and acknowledging as much. It works best if you’re already familiar with their work/business and can jump in without having to learn everything from scratch.

Why not you, why not now?  You got this girlfriend (or boyfriend, boys can be VAs too!)

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