When Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work

When Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work

In checking what the synonyms are for “work” we have; effort, toil, exertion, labour, slog, drudgery, grind… hmm doesn’t sound so great.

When does “work” no longer equate to toiling at a job? I suppose that’s different for everyone, but for me it’s about doing work that I enjoy, that comes naturally, and in a way that keeps me interested and learning, without getting stuck in a routine and no room for growth.

The Best Kind of Day

Feeling inspired by work instead of burdened, in whatever way that happens, is my kind of work day. As a VA, a major perk is being able to partner with businesses and entrepreneurs I’d never cross paths with otherwise, and the days of working within just one industry are gone. This in itself affords an interesting level of variety I really enjoy, and the continual learning from my clients adds to my repertoire of skills to assist other clients in other industries.

If I have a day that I can build a user-friendly document for my client’s customers, take the load off their plate with building social media posts, catch a glitch in a lead system, prevent an editorial disaster, or craft just the right message on any number of communication platforms, I’ve had a successful day as a VA.

Better yet, is not screaming out the door for a stressful commute with aggressive drivers on icy winter roads.

Even better yet? The flexibility to weave other activities into the day without being tied to a desk for 8 hours. Such as; the ability to take a course and attend webinars during the day, run out the door for an appointment or a workout or help a family member, or a part-time job or casual on-call work in my local community. In other words, the ability to create a schedule that’s flexible instead of static opens up the windows and lets in the fresh air of a work life balance that just, works.

With a structured schedule of priority tasks and clear communication, the days’ work gets done for clients, but with greater flexibility. And the no-brainer perk is I can work anywhere. This allows a new world of possibilities in working, in terms of choosing where to live, and occasionally taking my laptop with me on the road.

Flex-Work is on the Rise

I’ve become so accustomed to working remotely that I’m often surprised to meet people who have no idea how it can provide a living. But the brick-and-mortar model of work has been changing for some time now. Flexible work is becoming the norm, whether as an employee, consultant, contractor or freelancer. We’re seeing more employees than ever logging in from home, without the need to take up space at an office desk.

As a Virtual Assistant, it’s a welcome feeling to know that I’m not reliant on one employer. I feel grateful to be able to work online with clients anywhere in the world, without having to depend on the local economy. And the economic uncertainty is certainly in the air as we step further into 2016, but as a VA, there’s comfort in knowing I have access to a wide net of possible clients.

I repeatedly hear how stressed out corporate employees are yearning for more flexibility in their work, and I remember the feeling well. I don’t think it has to be that way, at least not for an entire working lifetime. There are options to mix it up now like never before, and to “work” in a way that works better.

Share your story with us! Have you reinvented how you work, or want to take the leap?



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