What Makes Your LinkedIn Profile Resonate With the Right Audience?

What Makes Your LinkedIn Profile Resonate With the Right Audience?

It is impossible to please every visitor to your profile. Some like short & sweet and will run a mile if they see your summary is 5 paragraphs long. Others want to learn all about you and fins little joy in short bulleted lists of your responsibilities.

What do potential clients look for in a LinkedIn profile?

The answer to their problem! That’s right. If they feel that you can solve what they struggle with. That you offer what they are looking for. Then they will continue reading. Next they are looking for someone who ‘gets’ them. Someone they feel totally understands them and their needs. They also look for someone they can relate to. Last but not least, they look for a person with the right expertise.

What’s the best way to write a profile for maximum exposure?

Although LinkedIn keeps its algorithm a secret, we know a few things about getting noticed. The so called “All Star” profiles get more views. It is said that adding a profile picture could result in 14x more views than a profile without a picture. If you include skills, you get around 13x more profile views and profiles with education added receive an average of 10x more profile views than those who don’t.

Should I choose certain keywords to get noticed?

You should definitely add keywords. Think about what prospective clients, employers, partners Google for when they need you and make a list of those terms. Next, make a list of skills they’d expect you to possess. Now find places to naturally use these words in your profile. Whack ’em all in the skills section, use them in job titles and descriptions and make sure the most important ones also appear in your headline. Not sure how to go about it? Download my free “LinkedIn Profile Workbook”.

So how DO you write the profile to resonate with the right audience?

As it is impossible to write a profile that is not going to scare off anyone, make sure you scare off the right people! People that would not be fun to work with (or who’d feel uncomfortable working with you). Stay as true to yourself as you professionally can. Reading your profile, people form an impression about you, make sure this holds true when they speak to you. Use your own unique tone of voice. Paragraphs or bullet point. Formal or chatty. It means you’ll attract the people you love to work with the most.

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Petra Fisher

Petra Fisher is a LinkedIn consultant who doesn’t quite fit in the box (don’t worry, she is losing weight). Straight forward, no-nonsense feedback, fun, creative and driven to keep going till the result is what she set out to achieve with you. To learn more about Petra, check out her site petrafisher.com or visit Petra on LinkedIn.

Petra lives with her teenage daughter and big-fat-red-cat. She loves to travel to Thailand, and to offset her nerdyness (books and computers are never far) she takes long walks and gets stuck into some crochet.

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