What Can Buddhism Teach You About Running Your Business?

What Can Buddhism Teach You About Running Your Business?

There has never been a more important time to break free from the materialistic, egotistical way of doing business, than it is today. We witness daily how even the most conventionally successful people end up depressed or worse as a result of not finding peace and happiness in their lives. However, there is a growing number of entrepreneurs, able to move past this obsession with materialism and turn their focus to doing good towards others. And guess what, they are happy! How? They are guided by a strong clarity of their purpose, knowing their big WHY.

We watch Richard Branson supporting charities, Steve Jobs being committed to making a dent in the conventional way things are done, Bill Gates donating massive amounts of money to education, Oprah Winfrey promoting spiritual leaders, Tony Robbins shaking the stages with hard-core answers to people’s fears. All of them made success in their own way, yet all of them have a strong sense of purpose, “why” they do it. They live their lives according to their inner values. Money doesn’t matter so much to them as the message they want to get across, whether we like them or not. They should be an inspiration for all entrepreneurs, no matter on what scale.

Initially, I drew inspiration from the leaders I mention above, but while they are clear in their purpose, it didn’t help me to find mine. Through my journey into Buddhism, I have found that it provides the philosophy and practices for achieving wisdom and growing as a human being, while at all times, focussing on doing good by others. I have built my business, combining Buddhism and entrepreneurship, being a Buddhapreneur and know first-hand of the peace, happiness and success that comes from doing business this way.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Bodhicitta is the most important aspect of the philosophy; becoming a better human being by living our lives for the good of all other sentient beings. When we do business with Bodhicitta in mind, we are pushed out of our comfort zone, we focus on the wisdom and we grow. We have to regularly check in with our integrity and find our inner peace. If it doesn’t feel right, or will benefit one person over others, this is not the right path.

So what does a Buddhapreneur do differently?

  1. We still make all the money we desire, but we know that abundance is part of our karma; in order to receive we must also give. So, we give to charity, or use money to raise awareness for something that will help make the world a more peaceful, kinder place.
  2. We are always mindful of our responsibility towards all beings and ensure that our actions are driven by kindness and compassion towards others, not ego.
  3. Through meditation, we centre ourselves from distractions and frantic over-thinking, we learn how to prioritise and achieve clarity of purpose.
  4. We train our minds to control our own thoughts so that negative thinking or ignorance doesn’t control us. As we become wiser, we become the key person of influence in our industry. That’s great for business!
  5. When we plan our strategies, we look deeply into who we really. This means not giving into ‘the hustle’, as hustlers are motivated by greed and carry a deep fear of not having enough. It also includes focussing on a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. First and foremost, we need to be able to love ourselves first, as only then can we love those around us. Not working long hours is a good example. Long working hours mean exhaustion, which means we are not looking after ourselves and also means we don’t have the energy to give. Our aim is to give all we can.
  6. According to Buddhism, ego is the main cause of our suffering. Buddhism is all about removing suffering from our lives and the lives of those around us. So, we aim to control ego. We don’t need approval from others, we don’t brag how much money we make, or check our likes on Facebook. On the contrary, we check in with ourselves and our happiness.
  7. We are here to contribute to the world. In this way, we keep the positive energy of giving in circulation and get back all the abundance we desire.

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Duda Jadrijevic

Duda Jadrijevic is a Buddhist Transformational Coach in Business and Relationships, a speaker, writer and a serial entrepreneur inspiring many with her journey but also with her hands on work.
Duda Jadrijevic

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