We Needed Someone To Fit In With Our Team, Values And Vision

We Needed Someone To Fit In With Our Team, Values And Vision

Franziska Iseli-Hall is a leading marketing strategiser, book author and business motivator. She’s bananas about business … literally! She started Basic Bananas two and a half years ago as a way to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get to grips with their marketing plans to implement a no-fuss marketing solution.

Franziska is the author of Bananas About Marketing – How to Attract a Whole Bunch of Clients and contributes to various magazines such as Dynamic Business Magazine, MyBusiness and Spark.

In her spare time she surfs and plays music, and, when the time permits it, she also hones her language skills (five languages, and counting).

What were you looking for in a VA?

  • Someone to fit in with their team, values and vision.
  • To help take off the workload for the team

What's your story?

Basic Bananas was born two and a half years ago to help small businesses market themselves smarter. Basic Bananas offers different programs to teach small businesses innovative, sustainable and low-cost marketing strategies.

It’s our vision that drive us every day: To change lives for the better by providing the best marketing support for micro and small business owners worldwide. We want every small business owner to have access to our valuable marketing resources to support the business and lifestyle they desire. We believe happy people give back to the community so we’re out to change the world one business owner at a time.

Before starting our own business, I was working in corporate advertising. I realised that a lot of small businesses didn’t have the budget and knowledge the big corporates have I was working with and wanted to make a difference for them.

When did you start hiring virtual help?

We started hiring virtual help about 2 years ago.

What were some of the challenges? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge as with hiring anyone was to find the right people. When we hire virtual help, we go through pretty much the same process as hiring team members. Our virtual help are part of our team and need to fit in with our team, values and vision.

One way to overcome this was by working with a virtual staff recruitment agency who helped us select the right members.

And another important factor is sharing our goals, vision and values so that the potential virtual team member can see whether they would fit in.

How has hiring virtually supported your business and you personally?

We’ve now got a team of virtual team members and it’s made a huge difference for our business. For us it doesn’t matter whether our team members are sitting in an office with us or working from home as long as the work gets done. Having virtual team member’s means that we get to work from wherever we want to. All we need is a laptop and internet.

If you could do it all over again, what would you not do again?

I would not hire the first best person coming along, but take a little bit more time selecting the right person.

Visit Franziska at Basic Bananas for small business marketing made easy.



Franziska-Iseli-HallFranziska Iseli-Hall is a leading marketing strategiser, book author and business motivator. She’s bananas about business … literally!





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