My VA Is An Integral Part Of My Business

Alli Price is a work-at-home-mum (WAHM) with a passion for networking and support. An expert events-organiser and all-round superwoman, Alli was driven by her experience as a busy WAHM to start up Motivating Mum, a website and events service offering support and advice to mums in business, or those wanting to be.

Motivating Mum offers phone mentoring, networking and brainstorm events around Australia. She raises her two small children, runs a successful business and relies on the help of her virtual assistant to keep everything running smoothly. We interviewed her to get the low-down on how she uses a virtual assistant to make Motivating Mum a success.

What were you looking for in a VA?

  • Someone versatile who could jump right into her business and start taking on some of her online tasks so she could concentrate on growing the business.
  • A quick learner – Alli didn’t have much time to train anyone, so she looked for someone who already had experience in the tools she used for her business. The more the Virtual Assistant could give her examples of how they had used these tools the bigger their chances were to get the job. This shows that having a niche and having specific examples available are really important.
  • Alli looked for someone who had affinity with her industry and what she was doing. Her Virtual Assistant understood her and her business, allowing them to show initiative on various tasks.

What's your story?

I started my business after sitting at home one day on my own, looking after bub and trying to run my new coaching business. It was lonely and a little depressing so I decided to start the Businessmums’ Networking Lunches in an attempt to get out and get some intelligent conversation and also expand my network. It turned out there were a lot of mums at home feeling just as I was!

The business evolved to the model it is today and after moving back to Oz 1 ½ years ago I now run the business in Australia with the help of a Master Franchisee in the UK.

In addition to my Master Franchisee and the area franchisees in the UK, I also have eight area franchisees around Australia running the events I do in Melbourne and Geelong. I do all this whilst working around my little preppie’s new school schedule and my naughty nearly 2-year old minxy (who has childcare two days a week).

When did you start hiring virtual help?

I started hiring virtual help about a year ago. I couldn’t physically do all the work required for the business and a Virtual Assistants seemed the most logical solution.

What were some of the challenges? How did you overcome them?

I remember starting out wondering what on earth I was going to get them to do because I felt like I really had to do all of it and it would be difficult to outsource. I overcame this by simply outsourcing one small job first
and then, when I saw how quickly my Virtual Assistant picked it up, outsourced another. Before I knew it, it was a landslide!

There was also the challenge of having to take the time to train someone when you could just be doing it yourself. However, I knew that once it was taken care of the load would be lifted so just pushed through the training part.

I also had a good chat with my Virtual Assistant before I started and made sure she understood me and my business. In this way, she’s able to show more initiative in the business and also writes well for me as she gets it.

How has hiring virtually supported your business and you personally?

Hiring virtually has enabled me to get things done for my business for a reasonable rate – as I am in start-up mode I really need to ensure I get the most done for the best possible price. It’s been really nice having someone to work with and feel like I’m part of a team. Working from home alone can be quite lonely at times.

If you could do it all over again, what would you not do again?

I wouldn’t wait as long as I did to get someone on!

Visit Alli over at Motivating Mums for support and advice for mums in business.


Alli-1Alli Price is a work-at-home-mum (WAHM) with a passion for networking and support.





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My VA Is An Integral Part Of My Business

Alli Price is a work-at-home-mum (WAHM) with a passion for networking and support. An expert events-organiser and all-round superwoman, Alli was driven by her experience as a busy WAHM to…

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