VA Tools In The Spotlight: Canva

VA Tools In The Spotlight: Canva

Canva is a great tool for you to use as a Virtual Assistant for any design needs; whether you’re a design professional or a complete beginner, Canva will help you create stunning graphic work for clients.

What is it used for – key features

  • To create graphic work for a whole range of projects, whether web based or print
  • You can start from scratch or use set templates that have been pre-designed
  • There are templates for a wide range of usages, such as social media sizing, brochures and blog headers
  • You can also design with specific dimensions
  • You can use various fonts and colors and choose from many free graphics to add to your work
  • You can download as an image or PDF, and can add watermarks and bleed if needed for a professional project
  • Canva makes design simple no matter what your expertise level

Why should l recommend this tool to a client?

It is ideal for creating any graphic work for client projects, whether for their website or any print projects they require. You can create work that matches with their brand image with various templates and the ability to use brand colors.

How does it work?

You create an account and immediately have access to various designs types which you can select, or use your own dimensions. If choosing a design type, you can then choose from set templates or start a design from scratch.

You can upload client logos and branding images, or choose to use free images or their premium $1 images. Most templates are fully customizable. You can add all sorts of effects and features until you’re happy with your design.

When complete, your design can be downloaded as an image for the web, a high quality image (for high res projects) or as a PDF.


There are currently no integrations that we know of.


Canva is free to use and create designs on. If you want to purchase any images from their huge database, images are only $1. However once purchased, you have 24 hours to edit your design, after which the images will need to be bought again.

Many templates are free, however some templates come at a cost depending on what premium items are used. You can however remove the premium elements and add in your own images and colors.

Canva also offer a ‘Premium’ package, which is called 'Canva For Work'. This allows you to upload brand fonts, create branded templates, have your own 'brand kit', upload your images to photo folders and several other features. It is $12.95 a month, or if you choose an annual payment plan, it is $9.95.

Best Practices

Copy an image. Created a great image but want to copy it? You can do so within the template by clicking the copy button to the right. A duplicate will appear below. You can also create a copy on the home design page by hovering over an image, using the arrow and selecting ‘Copy’.

Drag Elements. Want to move an element to a design below? Simply select the element and drag it into another design. This is useful when you want to copy something.

PDF Links. You can add links to any images in your design. If you then download something as a PDF, the PDF will have links within it when opened and read. This is ideal if you have ‘buttons’ in the PDF, which will encourage readers to click through to website links.

Shift Key. Want to move various elements at once? Click each one while holding shift. You can then move them around at the same time.

Grid Lines. If you want to line things up, look out for the grid lines; it will tell you if something is centered or straight.

Images. Have you added an image within a frame but don’t like how it has aligned within the template? Double click on it and move it around until you’re happy.

Fonts. Love several fonts? Save them as defaults under the text options. It will default to them every time you use text.

Other Comparable Tools

Canva is very unique in the current marketplace and there are no other comparable tools that are on the same level.

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