VA Tools In The Spotlight: Asana

VA Tools In The Spotlight: Asana

There are great collaboration tools to use for clients, and Asana is definitely one of the best.

What is it used for – key features

  • To keep track of tasks you’re working on
  • To upload useful documents and images for projects
  • To track projects in a calendar
  • To communicate back and forth about projects

Why should l recommend this tool to a client?

It is a really simple and easy tool to use, and a great one to recommend if new clients are looking for a tool to use for project management between you and them.

How does it work?

Working with your clients, the app can be accessed no matter where you both are. Projects are created and tasks added, and each task is assigned a due date. These all display in a very useful calendar as well as a due-list, which allows an easy view of what you need to do and when. Each task has a communication window where you and your client can discuss things for that task, upload documents related to it and stay organized. You can access it on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Asana allows some useful integrations. Dropbox and Google Drive is built into the task pane, so you can attach files to each task. If you use Slack, Asana will post updates to a Slack channel when there are any changes. There are many other great integrations; check out the entire list here.


Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people. The Premium version offers unlimited guests and dashboards, data exporting, centralized administration and some other features. It costs $8.33 or less per user per month, however unless you work with very large teams it is unlikely you'll need to go premium.

Best Practices

Attachments. You have different options when it comes to attaching documents in Asana to a task. It can either be from your desktop, your Dropbox, or your Google Drive folder.

Reply From Your Email. Instead of going within Asana to always reply to threads for tasks, reply from your own inbox instead. When an email comes in about a conversation thread, simply reply as you would a normal email and it'll be added to the Asana conversation.

Recurring Tasks. Do you need to do something for a client on a certain time and day each week? Instead of resetting it up each week, set it as a recurring task. This could be useful for things like invoice dates, regular tickets for flying and so on.

Use the @ Function. Adding something to Asana but not sure that your client checks in on it daily? Use their username using the '@' symbol, and they will instantly get an email to tell them what has been said.

Use Search. Asana is great for searching for things, whether it be a conversation you had or a document you uploaded. You can also create favorite searches to use regularly.

View By Due Date. If you go to 'View 123 Tasks To Do' towards the top of your Asana page, you can change the view of projects. It is helpful to use 'Tasks By Due Date', or ‘Task By Projects’ then you can see what is due and when. You can also save these as a default view.

Daily Emails. The daily emails you receive from Asana show what is due, and you can use useful color coding. Always ensure a task or project has an assigned due date, otherwise it won't show up in your daily emails. If a project date has changed, ensure you change it in Asana; if a task hasn't been marked as completed and a week has past, the task will disappear.

Other Comparable Tools



Do you use Asana? How do you find it helps your client projects? Share with us below!


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