Staying Safe: 4 Great Apps for Online Security

Staying Safe: 4 Great Apps for Online Security

Because our job as virtual assistants is done almost completely online, online security should always be a top concern. Cyber threats continue to become more sophisticated, but luckily, so do online tools meant to avoid breaches!

Listed below are some great apps to help you stay safe, from protecting your email, uploading sensitive documents, to keeping client’s passwords secure.

Privnote - Privnote is very useful if you want to send information to someone online that you want to get rid off straight away - perhaps a password or phone number to contact you that you don't want to be digitally stored. You create a note, get a link and send to the recipient, and it self-destructs after being read. -, another great tool for sharing sensitive information online, merged in 2017 with You can manage multiple client’s private information in bundles inside this tool. Use it to organize anything needed to book client travel (passport numbers, birthdays, rewards numbers, etc.), store your client’s credit card info, upload any sensitive documents, and also store/share and update passwords. It’s a cloud-based service so the data is always in sync and easily accessible from the web, browser extension or mobile app, which is great for working virtually! You can get a free trial here.

Scr.Im - Have you ever been concerned about spam robots picking up your email from websites or places you may have commented? With Scr.Im, it converts your email address into a custom URL (like does for websites), that can then be shared on any sites. It prevents the spam robots and anyone who looks for openly available email addresses to add to spam lists.

BugMeNot - Do you get frustrated when you want to simply read a website, but you have to join up? Often it's just the case that you want to see if the websites useful, but you have to give your email before you can check. With BugMeNot, they have shared logins for thousands of websites. It means you can take a look and see if you like what you see without providing your email.

What other tools do you use to stay and share safe online? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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