Stay On Top Of Your To-Do Lists With These 3 Apps

Stay On Top Of Your To-Do Lists With These 3 Apps

When you’re a virtual assistant, it is imperative that you stay on top of things, from the sending of an email, to scheduling meetings with your clients. While some people do still prefer using the traditional pen and paper approach, it isn’t always a reliable method; lists can go missing, or be forgotten when you’re away from your desk. The capacity of today’s modern applications ensures that you have a reliable organizer app on the go with you, so you can be on top of everything you need to be wherever you are.

We’ve selected three apps from a multitude of popular applications that stand out in their capability to keep you impeccably organized. If the thought of your dozens of tasks is beginning to weigh you down, consider trying out one of these!


Does your calendar often seem cluttered beyond belief with dozens of reminders and tasks? There's an easier way to sort them out with the Due App. Ideal for all of the little things - especially timed projects - it is perfect as a reminder tool; tell it what you need a nudge about, and set it to repeat if you need to. Need to call a client back, but concerned you might forget? Tell Due what you need, and it'll deliver. If you need to reschedule or take a rain check, Due lets you with the click of a button.

When you want something jotted down quickly - especially if you're in a rush - Due is incredibly simplistic, without too many features that often makes things overly complicated. The features are at your fingertips, making it extremely streamlined and not at all complex. It syncs with iCloud and Dropbox, and other versions of it on your computer or tablet, so whatever you're using, you'll be up to date. The $6.99 price tag makes it a very valuable tool.


Checkmark is a little different than your average to-do list app, particular with its use of location based reminders. Alongside a faultlessly sleek interface, it enables you to be reminded about tasks when you're at a particular location. You program in places you frequent - such as the office, a coffee shop where you meet a local client - and reminders you set will be triggered when you arrive. As an example, you can set it to remind you to call a client twenty minutes after arriving at your desk; enough time to settle in with a cup of coffee, check your emails, and do some preparation.

Besides the location based reminders - which aren't for everyone - Checkmark works with simple time based tasks too, including ones that re-occur, as well as a really useful list interface. Within lists can be sub-headers, enabling you to sort out your to-do's in to their own specified section. Checkmark is only a phone based app, so if you're seeking an app that syncs with your computer too, this might not be for you. If you're after a simple task reminder for on the go however, take a look. It costs $4.99.


OmniFocus is a personal task manager, captured neatly into an app for both your computer, and phone/tablet on the go. The thinking behind it is to capture any thoughts and ideas into a nifty to do list, and it fully delivers. Its popularity has grown, and despite its $49.99 price tag (Pro is $74.99) when perfectly decent free or cheaper apps exist, it comes with features that other apps just don't deliver.

When it comes to your tasks, you can add and sort them by project, by your physical location, or by context. The interface is simple and easy to use, and everything is always at your fingertips. Any action can be turned into a project, you can add due dates, repeat actions, and work towards getting through your 'to-do's'. If you want to review everything at any time, a simple tab allows you to do so; check in at the end of the day and ensure everything that needs to be done, is done.

What makes the app a must when you're on the go, it the seamless syncing process it offers between your devices; everything updates automatically, so you'll always be updated no matter what you're using. Omnifocus simply offers an intelligent functional app that ticks every box in a productivity app; what more do you need? It is only available on Apple devices.


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