School’s Out For Summer. Now What?

School’s Out For Summer. Now What?

This will be my first summer since becoming a virtual assistant, and the thought of splitting my time between my kids and my clients has me a bit restless. I have two children, seven and five years old, who are looking forward to summer and all it has to offer. Meanwhile, I have three clients, who are expecting business as usual. How do I make sure my kids have a fun and carefree summer, and still give my clients the attention they need and deserve? 

After a little research and a lot of planning, I created a game plan:

Summer Camp: My kids are the perfect age for summer camps, but they have convinced me that summer is just no time for schedules. I tend to agree, so we are passing on traditional summer camps in lieu of our own homemade version. We’ll have weekly themes and activities, but on our schedule and terms. My kids will still get the benefits of learning new activities, socializing with friends, and being at home – and I can plan their activities around my work obligations. Since we’ll be home the majority of the day, I won’t have to worry about losing an Internet connection or being away from my home office during critical work hours. Arts and crafts, anyone?

Lessons and Practices: Though the kids will not be enrolled in week-long camps, they will still maintain their regular activities of horseback riding and soccer. This way, there will be the structure of planned activities, where I will have some dedicated time, kid-free, to tackle work.

Playdates: We are lucky to have friends, cousins and grandparents, who all live in our neighborhood. This makes playdates (aka work time!) just a phone call away. Whether playdates are planned in advance (around scheduled conference calls and meetings) or last-minute (due to pressing work deadlines), they are always a great time to let the kids have some fun, while I get some work done.

Quiet Play/Reading Time: Summer is full of high-energy activities – swimming, biking, playing in the sun. Even kids who no longer take naps need to recharge with some quiet time to read and rest. So while I’m fully present for my kids when it’s our playtime, I’m also fully present for work while the kids take some much-needed quiet time.

It’s going to be an adjustment when school is out for the summer. But just because the kids are home more doesn’t mean work needs to suffer. I’m hopeful that things will fall into place with my summer game plan. And if all else fails, a contingency plan named, “Gramma,” lives just three doors down.

Help me out here, parents! I could use a little advice on how to handle my first summer of working at home with young ones around. Any tips?

Rebekah Corr

Rebekah has over 15 years of Marketing and Project Management experience working in advertising, telecommunications and publishing. She earned her B.A. in English Literature from Rutgers University and her Master’s degree in Project Management from Penn State. She is a highly-organized team player, who thrives on conducting thorough research, managing budgets, and completing project tasks on time.
Rebekah Corr

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