Make It Happen; You Can Always Find A Way

Make It Happen; You Can Always Find A Way

Amanda Cordner got her first taste of entrepreneurial freedom at the young age of just 7-years-old. And, it seems to have stuck with her. After holding many senior marketing roles at major corporations, Amanda decided it was time to quench her thirst for adventure and start her own marketing company. Sea Salt Marketing was born from Amanda's mind, passion, and her love for the sea. Read below to see where her journey has taken her and how she is enjoying the new lifestyle she was able to create!


I’m Amanda Cordner – Integrated Marketer and Founder of Sea Salt Marketing. With 10 years experience in creating powerful marketing solutions for a number of multi-nationals including L’Oreal, Lion, Heinz and Fonterra it was time for a change, and Sea Salt was born in late 2015. I’ve replaced the office politics, stifling air con and horrid public transport commutes for tropical sunshine, daily adventures and hot spotting around Australia. I’m lucky enough to be based in Far North Queensland, with the Great Barrier Reef on my doorstep and Palm Cove as my home.

Tell us what you do!

I am a sunshine lover, outdoor adventurer and happiest when I can see the ocean with a wine in my hand. My other half is a pilot, which requires us to be posted in fairly remote (and beautiful) parts of Australia including Broome, the Bungle Bungles and now Cairns. So it is for this reason that I started Sea Salt Marketing – a fresh, simple look at marketing for medium sized business, with a focus on Digital. Back in the corporate world I found that over time more of my marketing plans required a focus around digital strategy and social media, so it was then I completed a Diploma of Digital Marketing, which has taught me the skills to start my own business and offer services in this space.

The structure of Sea Salt is quite fluid and constantly evolving, with clients based all over Australia including Melbourne, Perth, Broome and Cairns. I also work with a number of freelancers and have strategic partnerships with design and digital agencies in Melbourne and Perth. A typical day for me includes a few Skype sessions, strategy development and a lot of content creation for the digital and social worlds.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

My entrepreneurial days go way back, starting at the age of 7, my cousin and I were painting black hats that our Grandma had given us with our new set of puff paints. We then decided to walk down the main street of our small beachside town of Point Lonsdale to sell them to any shop that would take them. We thought we had hit the jackpot when the local gift shop, Lighthouse Designs, took the lot for $20!

Then at 21 I co-created a fashion label with a long time friend and cousin. B’totties exploded from an online retail store into an apparel supplier to Victorian Surf Clubs. With consecutive top line growth and doubled profit margins the brand evolved in both the digital and retail landscapes before closing down in 2015.

So, when life took me to Broome in 2014 it was there I founded Sea Salt Marketing. The big 30 was tapping at the door and I thought it was now or never, I love our transient lifestyle but I also love marketing and I am passionate about my career so have found a way to have both.

 And I guess it allows me to live in paradise, so no complaints there


What do you love most about the lifestyle?

Mobility! With the other half as a pilot there are always opportunities to jet set to some pretty beautiful locations (and islands!), so the fact I can just pick up my laptop, get the mobile Wi-fi and head off is amazing. I could be Skyping from the Whitsundays, emailing over the Great Barrier Reef and no one would even know. The flexibility is great, there is no 9-5 Mon-Fri, some days are absolutely crazy and some are really quiet, so I’ll just take myself to the beach for the afternoon or catch up with friends. I find this lifestyle also promotes much more creativity in how I approach different projects, opening yourself up to new environments, people and surroundings constantly pushes me to find more efficient, creative ways to do business.

Latest project

A fabulous new client called Urbanbar Design who creates fashionable, on-point uniforms and styling ideas for all kinds of staff wardrobes. They have such an amazing brand, work ethic and range of products that I can just see the potential growth for their business.

We’ll be launching an integrated digital marketing campaign in mid-August which includes a website re-launch, SEO, SEM, Smudge Eats partnership, Social Media and E-newsletters  - I can’t wait it, it’s going to be amazing.


Just Make It Happen!


Because you can always find a way.

Most inspiring person you have ever met so far and why?

My 95 year-old Great Aunt Moyle. As well as being more switched on than anyone I know, she was instrumental in getting women accepted into the Melbourne Cricket Club back in the 80s. She trains her brain everyday doing cryptic crosswords, sudokos and reading books, and she remembers everything about everyone. She has a wine at 5 o’clock every night and makes the best damn cheese scones I’ve ever eaten. She has travelled everywhere, and has stories to share about every country. Her outlook and approach to life is something I strive for.

One piece of advice you would give your younger self

Believe in yourself. Continue to challenge, grow, learn and develop yourself. Believe in your knowledge and ability and put forward what you think. Celebrate success and enjoy what you do, life is too short and there are too many opportunities out there not to.

What's the bravest thing you ever had to do?

Move from the hectic, fast paced, corporate life of Melbourne to the slow, sunny, outback coastal town of Broome. Culture, Temperature and life shock, I have never felt more out of my comfort zone in my life! But… it was the best thing we ever did.   

Learn more about Sea Salt Marketing by visiting their website!

Integrated Marketer and Founder of Sea Salt Marketing. Amanda Cordner has 10 years experience in creating powerful marketing solutions with an infectious energy that motivates business growth and success. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Diploma of Digital Marketing and has held senior marketing roles in a number of multi-national blue chip organisations including L’Oreal, Lion, Heinz and Fonterra. Amanda’s strengths lie in the development and implementation of marketing and digital strategy and works with a highly organised and collaborative approach that inspires team morale and just makes things happen! Keep up with Amanda's business by checking out her website, connecting on LinkedIn or following her on Instagram.



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