Keep Yourself Safe Online: Tips to Avoiding Virtual Job Scams

Keep Yourself Safe Online: Tips to Avoiding Virtual Job Scams

First, let me say congratulations! You’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant. Perhaps you like setting your own schedule. You love the idea of earning extra income, or stay at home parent seeking flexibility. The great news is there are plenty of clients out there looking for a helpful VA. When you first decide to work as a Virtual Assistant one of the things you think about is how do I find virtual assistant jobs. I know I did, as working from home begins to gain more popularity, there are chances you may come across opportunities you’re not quite sure of.

There are numerous online opportunities for virtual assistants. But before you dive into the endless opportunities, you must be aware that there are many virtual jobs that are scams. There are people aiming to prey on newbie’s like you and I. Trust me, you’re not alone, even the most seasoned Virtual Assistants still become prey to scammers, that’s why you must learn how to distinguish a legitimate job offer from a scam.

Here are some TIPS to help you avoid being SCAMMED:

  1. Avoid jobs that require you picking up money at Western Unions, banks, or Money Gram, etc. You may receive an email that automatically states you have the job, or application requires no actual interview, instead you're answering questions via email. Let me be the one to say RUN, this is a trap! They lure you in by saying they will send you a check in order for you to get supplies, and begin work. Sometimes requiring little to no information from you.
  2. When looking for a Virtual job, be sure to visit the right places. Try oDesk, Freelancer, Upwork, The We Are Virtual Assistants Job Board, etc., these websites usually have a bidding system in which you must stand out among other applicants to win the job. Be aware that scammers may still pop up on these sites, and they can sometimes post ads. Make sure before bidding for a project, that you check the reputation of the company/employer, and feedback first.
  3. An employer should never ask for information such as card number or other bank account information. They probably will start out by telling you that you’re a great fit or the position and that they need someone who can start as soon as possible. Then they start asking for your information.
  4. If you find an employer asking for entry fees or upfront money, avoid at all cost. Remember you are providing the services, and should be the one getting paid. This may be different then working for an employer now that you’re working for yourself, but did you have to pay for an interview for a company before? I’m sure not, so this pertains to virtual jobs as well.  
  5. If it’s too good to be true, then maybe it just might be. Don’t be tempted by this type of scheme. You will be informed that you will earn a great amount of money in a fast amount of time.
  6. Try to research about the company you are applying. Google it and see what others say about that company. If you see negative comment. There are many associations in the Virtual Society that can help you weed out your opportunities as a virtual assistant, with some you may have to pay for membership and other are free. You have access to a community of virtual assistants that can answer any questions you may have

Keep in mind that the only way to earn money online is through hard work, branding, networking, and having a great marketing strategy. There are many legit clients looking VA’s just like you, it’s just a matter of connecting with the right clients.

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Estefany Benedith

Estefany Benedith is the founder of Estebenedith Business Solutions.She is a Virtual Personal Assistant, Social Media Manager, and Marketing Assistant, who definitely knows a thing or two in supporting business needs. Founded in 2014 and located in the New York City area, Estephany worked in different industries, providing support for 8+ years. She supports life coaches who are experts at what they do; those who see the benefit in teaming up with a Virtual Personal Assistant, Social Media Manager, or Marketing Assistant to help them maintain a consistent presence online or well organized functioning business life!
Estefany Benedith

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