Keep On Track Of All Of Your Ideas With These 3 Apps

Keep On Track Of All Of Your Ideas With These 3 Apps

Little moments of creativity can come to you at any point of the day, whether in the middle of a client meeting, in the shower after a long workday or when you go for a walk on your lunch break. If not written down they can disappear just as quickly, leaving you frustratingly trying to remember your moment of inspiration. No matter how small, ideas like these can lead to great things for your client work or your own business as a virtual assistant! To quote Winston Churchill "No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered." So no matter what your idea is, ensure you write it down and brainstorm it to the masterpiece it could become. Check out some of these great apps which are fantastic for noting down your thoughts.


The standard bearer for online design for the masses, Canva offers free Bubble Map templates as part of their accounts that can be used to illustrate ideas. With Canva's easy-to-use online tool, you can grab one of the templates, customize it to your preferences with their stock graphics or your own images, fonts, and colors. Then, you have the option to quickly share and/or download your thoughts in an attractive visual presentation.

The platform offers iOS and Android apps, which are free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play, making it easy to create on the go.


If you've always liked the idea of mind maps, then MindNode might be your new favorite place to jot down your thoughts and ideas. You start with a central thought and then grow things from there, adding strands as you go in several directions. Unlike a drawing of a mindmap, things can be added, removed, linked with other nodes from other 'maps' as they come to you; the world is your oyster.

Magically arranging itself, nothing gets in the way when ideas are involved, and images can be added too. Maps can be saved to Dropbox or iCloud, and can also be imported as an image or text file. Your maps can be accessed on whatever you're using at the time (phone, tablet, or computer).

Featured as an 'App Store Best' by Apple recently, the $9.99 price tag is worth it if you really do love the concept of mindmaps.


If you're more of a drawing person when it comes to ideas, then Skitch could definitely work for you. Part of the Evernote group, you can use annotation, sketches, shapes and whatever works for you to jot down ideas and make them come to life.

Not only is it suitable for outlining ideas when they come to you on a blank screen, it's perfect for putting ideas on to an image too. If something has inspired you in the office or on the go, Skitch allows you to draw on to a screenshot or image you have taken. Images or PDFs can be edited which are ideal to share with your clients and you can add all sorts of features such as text, highlights and stamps. All of your documents can be saved as an Evernote link, sent via text or email or shared on your social networks.

Available for all of your Apple portable devices, Skitch could be a new perfect solution for sketching and annotating your ideas. Free for all users.

No matter where your ideas appear from or when they manifest, write them down. Albert Einstein said his always came to him while shaving; where will your next inspiring thought be?


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