Belles Histoires

Belles Histoires

Client Name:

Elaine Russell

Email Address:

Company Name:

Belles Histoires

Description of work to be done:

I don't need a great deal of work done, but some help making my author Facebook page better to draw in readers and to provide links to my books online at Amazon and other sites. I'm pretty hopeless at the whole things. So it would also involve some updates periodically as I have events and things or showing me how to manage these items. Thanks, Elaine

Duration of work:


Software VA should be familiar with:

I have a Mac laptop

Estimated monthly commitment in hours:


Requested start date:

June 28, 2019

Hourly Budgeted Rate:

$? not sure what anyone charges.

Any additional info:

I've never hired anyone before to help. I can't spend a great deal of money.

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