I’m Able to Run a Brilliant Business and Still be There for My Kids

I’m Able to Run a Brilliant Business and Still be There for My Kids

Hi I’m Ally.

Several years ago, I was lying on a beach in sunny Crete with my husband. We made an agreement that day, that after such a long career gap looking after our three children, 2016 would be the year I became a working mum.

Turn the clocks forward to 1st January 2016. When everyone else was waking up with a sore head after their night of partying, I woke up with the stark realisation that it was in fact 2016 and it wasn’t an option not to achieve that goal.

After a wonderful 8 years focusing on my family, my business confidence was low. I knew that I’d previously been a well-respected Vice President for a bank, but that seemed like a distant memory. I’d deliberately stayed below the radar and didn’t even have a LinkedIn profile. My other concern was that I still wanted to be there for my kids.

The Discovery That Changed My Life

I had always wanted my own business but in what? I’d wondered that for many years. Not sure how, but I came across Pink Spaghetti PA Services online and found myself contacting them about a Franchise without even a second thought. I loved the brand, I loved the quality feel to the organisation and I loved the approach to satisfying the customer. All values close to my heart and my business experience. I will admit, I did deliberate whether a franchise was for me. Not sure now why I needed to think twice, it’s been incredible and provided me the much-needed support.

I’d never been a PA/VA but had loads of relevant experience in Marketing, Account Management and Project Management, all of which have been invaluable. With the help of Pink Spaghetti Head Office I was able to get back to my ‘old self’ within just a few months of starting my business. I now have relationships with a wide network of small businesses, I am able to confidently deliver social media training, manage people’s social media accounts, help with marketing plans and do a huge variety of administrative and organisational tasks.

Now, I help businesses by giving them an extra pair of hands when they need it. The idea is that they get help with the things they don’t know how to do, don’t want to do or just don’t have time to do – so that they can focus on what they do best and grow their business. I can truly say that as well as improving my own life this year, I’ve had a huge impact on the lives of the people I’ve helped get organised and given that 25th hour in the day. I get a real buzz out of helping people and seeing their businesses grow from strength to strength or in many cases seeing their stress reduce and their ability to have more family and leisure time increase. How great is that?

Most importantly for me, I sat with my kids the other day preparing for a presentation about what I was most proud of this year and one of my kids said, “I’m proud of you mummy because even though you have your own business, our lives haven’t changed at all”.

This was the biggest success story for me. Because I am a Virtual Assistant,

I’d say I definitely have achieved the goal I set in Crete that day.

Learn more about Pink Spaghetti PA Services here! 

Ally Phillips

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