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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this page?

This page is for anyone looking to connect, dialogue, and partner/ work with independent self-employed virtual assistants who set their own schedules, rates, and contractual terms.

Is there a fee to submit my requirements?

The service is 100% free! Submit your requirements, receive proposals and dialogue with self employed virtual assistants - all free of charge. When you are ready to get started, arrange for terms of payment directly with your new virtual assistant.

Who will I work with?

You will work with a self employed virtual assistant of your choosing! Submit your requirements via our online form, and start receiving proposals. Dialogue and choose the virtual assistant you would like to work with based on your own assessment and by doing due diligence. Agree on terms for work and payment directly, and start delegating!

How do I start?

Submit your requirements by filling out this form.

Receive proposals from virtual assistants right into your inbox
Communicate with virtual assistants to assess the right match
Agree on the terms directly with your new virtual assistant
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Where does work take place?

Work takes place 100% online with the tools, software, and platform that you and your virtual assistant choose to collaborate with.

How do I pay my virtual assistant?

Arrange for rates, and payments directly with your virtual assistant. You assume full responsibility for all contractual and payment transactions directly with your virtual assistant.

How much should I pay my virtual assistant?

Discuss rates directly with the virtual assistant that you choose to support your work, and agree on terms of payment with your virtual assistant. Virtual assistant rates vary considerably depending on the type of tasks you would like to delegate, the level of skills required, and the region of the world that the virtual assistant is located.

Will I receive proposals from self employed virtual assistants?

Yes, you will receive proposals from self employed and independent virtual assistants who are not vetted by us. Your are responsible for doing your own due diligence before engaging a virtual assistant to support your work.

If you'd rather be professionally matched with your perfect virtual assistant, visit our sister site:

Do you screen the virtual assistants?

We do not screen the virtual assistants who respond to client requirements. You are solely responsible for making sure that your virtual assistant meets your requirements, and that she/ he has the skills and aptitudes to support your work.

If you'd like to be professionally matched with a pre-screened business grade virtual assistant, visit our sister site:

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

When you submit your requirements and choose a virtual assistant to support your work, you are responsible for discussing the contractual terms and necessary guarantees directly with your new virtual assistant. This site does not offer any guarantees for the services that you will receive from your virtual assistant.

If you are looking for a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can visit our sister site:

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