Free Skills Class Of The Week: Social Media Ethics

Free Skills Class Of The Week: Social Media Ethics

Social Media Ethics from

Handling a client's social media accounts is a HUGE responsibility. Essentially, this client is trusting you to represent them and their brand to their audience. This requires a careful hand on your part, and also, some knowledge of good social media ethics. If you have not yet participated in any online ethics courses, we highly suggest starting with this social media ethics training class from! Learning good practices with social media now could save you and your client from headaches or upset customers down the road!

Why Should You Enroll?

The information in this class will help you learn how to conduct yourself in a professional, ethical manner on social media platforms. It will also teach you about your rights online, and how to protect yourself and your clients from defamation or harassment on social media platforms.

What's Included?

The course contains 10 videos that will walk you through several topics covering social media ethics. Some of the points you will learn:

  • Social media ethics in the workplace
  • Social media ethics code, cases and case studies
  • Ethical social networking conduct
  • What constitutes online sexual harassment
  • Your rights, defamation and anti-discrimination online

Who is the Targeted Audience?

This class is targeted toward anyone who controls social media accounts for themselves or clients and wants to learn to use the platforms without violating any laws or regulations.

Is There Any Certification?

There is no certification for this course. However, considering 70% of employers take disciplinary action on employees for social media misuse, getting some training on proper ethics is definitely worth your time!

We hope that you enjoy Social Media Ethics from and please let us know what you think about the class in the comments section so that it helps other learners know whether the course is for them!

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