Free Skills Class of the Week: Facebook Marketing

Free Skills Class of the Week: Facebook Marketing

Free Facebook Marketing Training by Facebook Blueprint

Ever wish you could use Facebook's advertising and marketing tools like the experts? This week's free skills class highlights Facebook blueprint, which will teach you how to use all the powerhouse marketing opportunities available to you through the platform including promoted posts and Facebook ads!

Why Should You Enroll?

Facebook marketing is a HUGE opportunity for any business! As you may know, Facebook also owns Instagram, and the two advertising platforms are now intertwined, which makes marketing opportunities even broader. Knowing how to use Facebook's marketing capabilities is a hugely sought after skill that can make you very attractive to prospective clients. Or, you can also use the tools you learn to market your own VA business!

What's Included?

There are a ton of courses included in the e-learning suite, covering different topics of interest for want-to-be Facebook marketers. The course categories include:

Is There Any Certification?
Yes! You can earn official Facebook certifications by successfully completing Blueprint exams after each course. For more information on certifications, click here.
Let us know what you think about the courses in the comments below!

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