Being Successful At Something That’s My Own

Being Successful At Something That’s My Own

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. But, of course, with that also came many failures. It has taken me at least five years to get to where I am now.

Escaping The Corporate Scene

My path hasn’t been a straight one. Several things helped my career fall into place. I had always worked in an office environment, and this was fine, I enjoyed the work. But I wanted more from my working life, I wanted to show people that I could be a success at something that was my own. I started this journey by going back to full-time education.  I have always had a creative streak and decided to take an art and design course which then led me onto a degree in Graphic Design.

Studying in your 30s is not an easy thing to do, especially when you also have children. I worked various part-time jobs to supplement my income through school - bar work, pizza delivery, etc. It was all for the greater good as far as I was concerned.

After completing my degree, I knew that employment options for someone my age were limited, as I had a family and could not afford to just take an internship to get started. This also made gaining work in a design studio equally difficult. So I was left with a choice - freelancing, or not using my qualification and going back to the office.

I decided on the latter, as I was determined that my plan to improve my working life would come to fruition. This was by no means easy, as to be successful in freelance means also being a good marketer. You need to get your name out there.

Then, A Breakthrough

The career breakthrough for me came when I diversified my business and pooled all of my skills together instead of focusing on just the design skill set. I started to market myself as a virtual assistant. Most VA's offer administrative services, but because I also had the skills as a designer and digital marketer, I became a desirable commodity in the virtual assistant world.

Since becoming a virtual assistant my business has grown rapidly and is still doing so. My work is incredibly varied, I can be designing a logo in the morning and doing an email marketing task in the afternoon. The next day can be entirely different. I can take holiday when I want, as long as I arrange cover or a contingency plan for my clients, and best of all I don’t have a long commute to the city to worry about!

Right Place, Right Time

There were many times when I almost gave up on my dream of building a successful self-employed career. And If I had followed the path of working as a virtual assistant at an earlier point it would probably have been a lot different. Many businesses are now focusing on getting the most from their workforce in the most cost-effective way.. Telecommuting is growing fast, and I believe that for anyone working in this industry, this is the right time to be in the business!

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Amanda Salisbury

Amanda Salisbury lives in Essex with her husband, a teacher, and her daughter, an apprentice hairdresser. Amanda graduated from the University of Essex with a degree in Graphic Design. She worked as a freelance designer after graduating, and began working as a Virtual Assistant in March 2016.
Amanda Salisbury

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