Always Try To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Always Try To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

At just 29 years of age, Co-founder and CEO of Creamfinance, Matiss Ansviesulis, has already achieved great success in business. Ansviesulis believes in investing heavily in self-development: and started reading inspiring books on entrepreneurship early on. Such personal development growth allowed his business to grow 4542% over 3-year period! And recently ranked his company as the second fastest-growing company in Europe. Ansviesulis was kind enough to share his entrepreneurial wisdom with us in the interview below!


Hi! My name is Matiss Ansviesulis, I am the Co-founder and a CEO of Creamfinance. I was born and raised in Latvia’s capital Riga, and this is the place where I currently live as well. After completing studies at Lancaster University’s Management School in United Kingdom and working as a business analyst for JP Morgan in London, me and my good friend, now turned business partner, Davis Barons joined forces to found Creamfinance in 2012 based on a vision to implement an innovative data-driven consumer finance company.

Tell us what you do!

The mission of Creamfinance is to make money available; this is done by providing consumer loans online in a convenient and speedy manner. To focus on prompt service delivery, we’re working towards becoming a one-click loans‘ provider to consumers globally. Having started in 2012 with only myself and my business partner without any significant resources, we are proud to have grown to 6 countries, 30M run rate revenue, 211 employees and have recently been ranked second in the prestigious Inc.5000 list of fastest-growing European companies.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

It was a difficult beginning for sure. Initially, after starting with investment banking I realized that working for somebody else is not very enjoyable, and working for a bank is twice worse. So I quickly found myself thinking of different business ideas and that’s how we rolled. Starting a company is, by nature, a risky thing to do and growing your business and setting a growth culture is even riskier. Everyone wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but the question is do you have the guts to be an entrepreneur - and how can you gage if you've got the guts? Can you attract investment, prove that your business is successful and leverage growth? And after all, how do you expand without having hundreds of millions of investment? From my experience - if you want to take real risks in business, borrow high interest debt and give a personal guarantee to return this debt.

What do you love most about the lifestyle?

Psychical, physical and financial freedom. I fully depend on myself.

Latest project

There are two that come to my mind at this moment – Creamfinance launch in Denmark, and my personal – sharing experience. My company Creamfinance is expanding, and at this very moment we are preparing for the big launch in Denmark, which marks a new beginning since up to this point we’ve operated in CEE, so it opens news opportunities in Scandinavia. As for my personal latest projects – I have recently decided to start sharing my experience in entrepreneurship, and it’s been a great pleasure to start shooting videos and start writing short stories-lessons. Trying to do more of it.


Be authentic and inspire!


You cannot copy other people; you can only be the best person of yourself, and you should always try to be the best version of yourself by constant development and improvement of your skills and capabilities. Inspiration comes from the strive and hunger for improvements.

Most inspiring person you have ever met so far and why?

My wife, because she is special.

One piece of advice you would give your younger self

Don’t have a tunnel vision!

Bravest thing you have ever had to do?

Move out on my own when I was 15.

At the young age of just 29, Co-Founder and CEO of CreamfinanceMatiss Ansviesulis, has achieved great business success through self-development and education. recently ranked Creamfinance as the second fastest-growing company in Europe. Keep up with what the company is doing by visiting their website, or following them on Twitter.



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