6 Aspects of an Outstanding Entrepreneur: Build a Thriving VA Biz

6 Aspects of an Outstanding Entrepreneur: Build a Thriving VA Biz

Starting and growing your own business takes guts, determination and commitment. You may have great skills and be good at what you do but to be an outstanding entrepreneur with a thriving business there are 6 aspects you must work on.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Business is about connecting with others; you are not a lone island even if you have an online business. You need customers, a support network, business contacts and strong relationships. Being isolated in your office day in and day out, not only be lonely, it will slow down your results. It has been said that each of us becomes the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So if you want to be inspiring, successful and earn great money from your business, you need to spend time with people who are already achieving that.

Be Where Your Clients Are

How do you get your ideal client to know about you and your business? Hang out where they hang out. Being part of a networking or business referral group is the perfect opportunity for potential clients to get to know, like and trust you. If you want to work with small business owners who need support with their business, I can guarantee they will be at these networking groups too.  

Support Others

As a business owner you are building a reputation. What do you want people to know you for? Greedy and self-centred or giving, loyal and supportive of others. When you give, you will always receive it back tenfold. It is just like the law of gravity. Drop something and it will hit the floor every time. The law of reciprocity acts the same. Do something good for someone and they have a primal compelling need to return the favour.

Learn & Grow

Technology, trends and current affairs are continually changing. Business owners need to stay on top of this and adapt quickly to change. They must continue to build and grow their skills, knowledge and business foundations otherwise they will become outdated, outclassed and out of the loop. It is widely agreed that you must spend at least 10 minutes a day reading, listening or watching something that will feed the brain.

Think Big

Look around you. Everything you see is the result of someone having an idea, thinking big and taking massive action to make it reality. The inspirational, successful people in this world never settle for small ideas or small plans. They think bigger, brighter and bolder than anyone else. They may not know right now all the steps it will take to make it come to fruition, but they start by thinking big. Spend time thinking about what your ideal business looks like. What type of clients do you work for? What type of work do you do? When and where do you do it? Think about the most fulfilling and financially rewarding business that you want, because this is the very first step towards getting it.

Think big and know what you want.

Courage and Confidence

When you think about the exact business you want, does it give you butterflies and make you nervous with excitement? Great, you are in a good place. Now it’s about building the courage and confidence to go out and get it. What is stopping you right this minute to make it happen? Perhaps you don’t feel like you know enough yet or you’ve had enough experience. The only way to overcome this is by getting out there and doing it, gain the experience and knowhow. Confidence does not just turn up in the mail one day. You gain confidence and courage by taking action, learning and growing. Now is the time for you to do this.

Be the Scarecrow

Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field. This joke is a classic yet it paints such a great picture of being outstanding. That is what every entrepreneur needs to be. Outstanding, because good is not good enough. To be outstanding in your field you must develop all 6 aspects of an entrepreneur. Surround yourself with the right people, be where your customers are, support others, continue to learn and grow your skills and business foundations, think big and act with courage and confidence.

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