5 Must-Have Tools To Help You Work Seamlessly From The Road

5 Must-Have Tools To Help You Work Seamlessly From The Road

As virtual assistants, we have the unique pleasure of working from anywhere. It's a huge perk, and a big reason why many people choose to seek this profession. However, if you normally work from your home office, changing scenery for a work day is something you must prepare for. Whether you're going to be working from a plane, train, automobile, or even just a cafe, you need to make sure you have everything necessary to get your work done. That's why we wanted to share this little list of life-saving tools for the working-nomad.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of the home office and get inspired in a new place and space!

  1. A Wireless Mouse - If you get tired of using your laptop's tiny mousepad, or find it to be an ergonomic problem, you'll want to invest in a good wireless mouse. This list of the best wireless mice out there from TheWireCutter can help you compare and decide which is best for you. No matter which type you decide to go with, we think you'll be glad you have the extra control, and without the hassle of dealing with wires and cables.
  2. A WiFi HotspotFortunately for VA's everywhere, many airports, planes and trains offer free wifi. However, as you may very well know from experience, getting stuck somewhere without wifi while working can be an utter disaster. So, it might be worth it to you to get yourself a portable wifi hotspot. This list from PC Mag compares some of the best ones on the market so you can compare features. A lot of smartphones also have personal hotspots built in that you can access from your settings. However, be sure to check with your phone service provider about the usage charges for this feature!
  3. LogMeIn ProHave you ever been working from your laptop somewhere and realize you need a really important document from your home computer? Don't fear. LogMeIn Pro can quickly and easily solve your problem. LogMeIn Pro is a remote access program that can easily get you logged into your other devices from afar. The app has some other really cool features as well, such as remote printing, complimentary password management and file storage.  You can learn more about LogMeInPro and sign up for a free trial here!
  4. Good Headphones - Nothing can break your concentration like working from a noisy environment. That's why we love a pair of good noise cancelling headphones (even great for the home office if you have kids or guests!) TechRadar came out with this list of the best noise cancelling headphones of 2016 if you'd like to check some out.
  5. A Great Laptop Bag - When you're lugging a laptop around from place to place, it's helpful to have a well-designed, protective laptop case to be sure your mobile office stays safe. This list from LapTop Mag will give you some options and ideas. We particularly like the idea of a backpack laptop carrying case, to keep your hands free for other important items, like coffee...

What are some of your favorite tools for working remotely from the road? We'd love to hear them. Share them with us in the comments section below!

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